Our Business

ProcessWerx designs and builds small to large scale hemp extraction and processing systems to create CBD rich products. We provide full system designs as well as optimizing and expanding existing operations.  

Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customer is a company or farm with some experience in hemp production or processing. We help you take your goals for growth and turn them into a concrete plan, creating a detailed engineering design based on your business model, your available feedstock, and the products that you will deliver to your customers. We want to work with teams that will let us do good work and provide quality systems.

Helping Investors

Attracting investment requires a clear path to returns. We are able to provide detailed information on capital expenditures and operating costs for a working facility. We can also help create a road map for hiring and training personnel. Building the facility is only one part of the system, operating and maintaining it is also something we have extensive experience in and can help plan for.


We have commissioned process systems from coast to coast. We are well versed in the difficulties of large scale systems that need consistent 24/7 up-time. Our team grew up in rural hemp country and went on to gain experience in fields varying from chemical process to aerospace engineering. We are seasoned engineers that have been working hand in hand with fabricators, technicians, and operators for years.


Equipment we can help with

  • Hammer and roller mills

  • Material handling equipment

  • Batch solvent extractors

  • Batch centrifuge extractors

  • Continuous solvent extractors

  • Centrifuge systems (biomass and fines)

  • Solvent Evaporators (falling film, rising film, forced circulation, batch type)

  • Filtration systems (filter press, pressure leaf filters, nutsche filters)

  • Reactors, process vessels, storage tanks

  • Short path and wiped film evaporators

  • Cryogenic Systems

Processes we can help with

  • Plant material handling and milling

  • Solvent extraction (ethanol, isopropyl, heptane, hexane, pentane)

  • Solvent recovery

  • Decarboxylation

  • Extract winterization

  • Extract distillation

  • Plant material solvent recovery

  • Solvent distillation / rectification

  • Isolate production

  • Process utilities